Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Crafty Barbie

This past week I recieved a catalog in the mail for the 50th birthday of Barbie. I wondered to myself why I would recieve such a thing, but it proved to be inspiration for a project I've been wanting to try but had not yet felt pushed to. I broke out the crochet cotton and found some ideas for crocheted barbie clothes on the internet and adapted my own. I made a little red sun hat for barbie's day at the beach. I want to work on an entire outfit, hopefully a little sundress and little shoes. Now whose barbie do I borrow without looking like a wierd doll obsessed adult, so that I can try the clothes on Miss Barbie herself?

Have you heard of the band The Script? They were on the today show recently and pretty awesome! Go UK!

Pictures of Barbie clothes to follow....

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