Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Low Point Cake - Diet Soda is Involved

Have you heard about making a cake with low sugar cake mix and diet soda? Well, I hadn't until my sister-in-law showed me. She made one and it was quite delicious. So for Little's birthday what did I do? I made a low point cake for everyone to enjoy.

1 pillsbury reduced sugar devils food cake mix
1 12 oz. Diet Caffiene Free Coke (I didn't want to give the 1 year old a buzz)

Mix together and place in pan sprayed with nonstick spray.

Bake until knife comes out clean from center.

I then let it cool completely and topped it with Cool Whip Free mixed with Cheesecake Sugar Free Pudding and Pistachio Sugar Free Pudding. Then decorated it.

Total this cake ended up being almost 4 points per piece. It varies depending on how much Cool Whip and Pudding you use and the cake mix you choose.

It was wonderful and fudgy and delicious and the coke gave it a nice deep flavor.

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