Thursday, August 20, 2009

Family Fondness

We just had a family reunion and having not experienced those very often (the kind where you all convene in one location for days on end) I was kind of weary of what it would be like. Tension runs high when you are living with people that aren't normally in your every minute vicinity. But it turned out wonderfully. I was sick quite a bit of the time with a pesky monthly hormone imbalance that causes terrible nausea and makes everyone think that I'll have an important announcement forthcoming, alas I never do. We got some minimal (and I mean MINIMAL) shopping done at the outlets, and ate Cafe Rio (I prefer Costa Vida personally) and had family programs where I cried my eyes out over people I'd never met. It was a nice opportunity to meet officially a lot of Husband's family that I met only at our wedding (almost 5 yrs ago) and was obviously occupied with other things and therefor didn't remember. Pretty awesome people.
We settled back into our own home and routine with a couple added guests, including a playmate for Little and a hang out friend for me. We all had a blast and now our guests are leaving and it feels that much more empty in our new digs. We'll sink back into a groove here soon with Husband teaching and schooling everyday and Little and I filling our time with learning and exercising and all sorts of activities like baking squash and eating the whole thing (by myself).
Squash anyone?

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The Tersigni Family said...

Aww, we had fun. Thanks again! Thomas brings Avery up at least 3-5 times a's pretty cute. Now it's your turn to come stay with us!