Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chocolate makes the world a little rounder...

Photo {Via Me}
After I made a round of Tiramisu Truffles {by Sweet Paul} I added the photos to the arsenal of food shots I am compiling for a portfolio. These were the yummiest possibly most intoxicating truffles mediated by a mild crunch of ladyfingers in the middle. I had to give them away - so I didn't get rounder.
Little loved them and kept trying to perfect his verbalizing of the word "chocolate" which sounds like "choch-yat". Adorable, but I can't give in when he wants to eat a whole pan of "choch-yat" so he experienced some dissapointment and ate a fruit stick instead, which he refers to as "nacks" (he likes fruit snacks, so we're finding healthy, organic options).
Maybe next time I do a food styling session I'll make a vegetable dish...

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