Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The summer has been crazy and I can't believe it's flown by so fast! Our move is *almost* over, I wish the rest of the stuff would just take care of itself. Husband is so busy and dedicated to what he does. I love when he takes a day off just because. We could spend everyday together, all day and love every minute of it. We go through rushes and lulls in our relationship where everything will feel just so and then we feel such a love and excitement at spending time together - the mundane is exciting and full of romance. Sometimes this feeling hits me sooner than husband and he is shocked at how much I love him. It is never surprising, really. That's why we chose eachother.

We are constantly overwhelmed by how much we love Little. We knew we would love him, but we didn't know we would be so completely taken with him. He amazes us and we think he is brilliant*(just like every good parent should). He just exclaimed this week while pointing at himself "ME!" and joy and sadness all came at once. I can't believe he is growing so fast and it is somewhat sad to me, I want another little one to come along so that we can enjoy this process all over again without too much time in between. But that is not what is in the plan I guess. Every month we struggle with the dissapointment that another little one is not on the way. We know it will happen at just the right time. So we still hope.

For now we are all in love with eachother and all the fun things, mundane things, and silly things we do together. Our evening walks are back and I love the family bonding they bring. We walk to the grocery store and buy treats for my boys and a Diet Coke for me and walk home enjoying each others company and sometimes the sprinklers that surprise us!

I will miss summer. I love the warmth and fun outside and lazy days that I get to spend playing with Little or working on my goals.

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