Friday, April 10, 2009

Paper Addicts Anonymous

I've decided I need a group that helps paper addicts overcome their addiction. I have loved paper ever since I can remember. When I was in gradeschool I would buy journal after journal faster than I could fill them, just because they had pretty paper. Now let's be honest, who needs that much paper? Definately not me, but I crave it, live for getting another piece of beatiful textured or patterned paper. And to add to this addiciton I have been looking into hand bookbinding for a few years now and have finally decided to try and teach myself with books from the library on the subject. Am I kidding myself! All I need right now is to add more and more journals or books to my already mountainous collection of pretty paper I cannot give up! The Husband might threaten pyromania if I do that, but nonetheless he is supportive because I have a need to learn and teach myself new things, no I do not stick with one for very long- after I learn and finish a good practice run I move on to new things. I do revisit old things like how I make baby booties just because I know how, but I love learning and cannot seem to get enough of new skills. This desire to learn makes me a master of none but I attempt a lot!

So right now I am reading the books I amassed at the library on bookbinding (ahem, every book they had on the shelf...I'm sure someone hates me right now!), and figuring out the most economical way to go about the process of teaching myself how to make beautiful books, maybe I'll post a result and then I'll probably move on to something new!

The Husband and I are having a great time exploring the world of photography, we have so much fun going on adventures together to find cool new places to photograph. Now we just need more people, I'm sure that when we finally have a portfolio put together no one will see it as professional to have picture after picture of our family and our Little one after another. But for now, Little is the best darn model ever! The Husband is taking a class in may on photography and I'm on the waitlist for a class on tabletop photography and crossing my fingers that I get in!

I'm off to spend time with some paper and feed my addiction!

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