Thursday, April 30, 2009


Picture by Husband

The husband and I have been captured by the desire to photograph and portray all that we see in our own creative way. For a while now we have been taking unreasonable amounts of photos of Little. And at some point I do think you can have too many photos of your offspring, just ask my 100 gb hard drive that is now full!

We shot our first engagement session this past weekend and have had a few other sessions of couples that agreed to pose for us. The couple this past weekend was delightful to spend time with and didn't give us the stink eye if we got in their face with our lenses. It's an interesting experience to have two photographers working with the same subject, but Husband and I have been enjoying having a common creative goal. We were soooooooooo giddy at how the images turned out! They ended up exceeding our expectations and I enjoyed seeing the results of our hard work together. It's almost like a baby! We won't be having another one of those for quite a while so in the meantime we will just make other creative projects together. ;)
This common interest in photography has been great for our relationship, giving us even more to talk about and more things to spend our time together doing. I always feel cliche when I think about how much I love the Husband, in fact it is probably truly corny! I have started to really believe that after 4 years the man who married us was right, he told us..."In the coming years you will be amazed, if you think you love eachother now just wait 50 years, your love will continue to grow and you will be amazed at how much you love each other."(something like that).

Maybe later I'll post a link to our photo website.

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