Monday, July 14, 2008

A trip to New York

I am presented this week with the option to live the life of a jetsetter. I could drop my SAHM status for a few days and jet to New York on a whim and spend 3 days touring the city and having exciting metropolitan experiences. That's what I could do... what WILL I do? I don't know yet.

The thought of spontaneously hopping a plane to NYC brings so much joy and excitement to me I can hardly contain it all. But then reality hits - I have a husband and baby to think about. I can take Little with me but the husband is a little harder to tote around. He has plans already, and he is the planning type. I wouldn't want to spoil his time for the weekend, but think of the memories that could be had by jetting to a fun destination on the spur of the moment. The flights with a 4 month old might not be that fun, and yes I do enjoy shopping in NYC probably more than anything else - but we could enjoy meandering the streets (albeit quickly, because of course that is how New Yorkers do it), going to the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, and introducing Little to a world outside of the Midwest. And maybe just toss in a few small stops at the likes of Bloomingdales and H&M. We are in talks this evening of whether I should go alone, with Husband or not at all. We shall what the final verdict on my temporary jetsetting lifestyle will be. I even have the perfect sling I created that would make said lifestyle with a baby even easier, and it happens to be tres chic!
In other news, the unfinished apron is still sitting by my sewing machine because I jumped feet first into making a baby sling. Little has been under the weather the last few days and we had an infamous "blowout" in the car seat - thanks to Little's Nana we had a carseat cover blanket that is easily washable.
Oh! The drama of motherhood! Nothing compares to it.

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ShelliRae said...

Sooooo jealous. Why didn't you call me? I'd drop everything... oh that's right, I have 4 kids to think of. Not as easy as 1. Have fun!!! Buy me something. S.