Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Low Point Cake

I have rejoined Weight Watchers and after my first time signing up it is no less exciting. The first time around I lost a whopping 120 lbs. and this is just recon after pregnancy to lose the 15 lbs I cannot get rid of. In the process of finding low point foods to eat that are appealing to the whole family I found that I can make a Duncan Hines Devils Food cake with applesauce replacing all oil and egg beaters replacing two of the eggs and using one regular egg and the recommended amount of water and I can have 1/12 of the cake for 4 points! I know it probably seems funny to get excited about the point value of cake, but when you are a treataholic like me - a 4 point cake is worth the excitement. I plan to make some this week and use Cool Whip Free to top it off.

The apron pictures are still forthcoming... July 4th slowed us down a bit.

-Baby Mama

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