Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Paging Incoherent Mommy of 2!

I have decided that life as a mother of 2 boys makes me feel like superwoman. Superwoman with a mind that is turning mush. I feel like I have survived the running of the bulls every day when I hit the pillow and even though I am tired I feel triumphant!

After 6 weeks of recovery from a c-section and 4 months of adjustment to the tasks, demands and needs of two little ones I feel like I have gotten a handle on the situation (not the Jersey Shore guy, I've never even seen that and don't think I will - I watch E! not MTV). I can make meals while holding a baby(not by a hot stove mind you) and managing a toddler who wants me to play all the time, help the toddler change his "underwear" (pullups) and get him dressed which is a job of olympic proportions and wake up way to early when my brain won't work and still be a decently kind human being and get this... I don't freak out if I have to get up in the middle of the night and take care of a needful boy. The first time around in this parenHood I did not do so well in the nighttime hours. I struggled to wake up and would pick a fight with Husband about who was getting up. Now I just cherish the snuggle time and if I'm struggling I seethe quietly and try to let Husband sleep so he can get up way to early to go to work.

Life in these parts can get pretty crazy, but I like to think that I have it under control ... or that I am in control ;)

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