Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year!

We are looking forward to all of the fun, exciting and challenging things to come in 2010. Every year I am amazed at what we have accomplished and how much we have experienced!

This year our family:
-Celebrated Little's 1st birthday!
-Completed another year of Post Graduate Work
-Applied for numerous jobs
-Went on a trip to California for work
-Went on a whimsical/spur of the moment trip to Yellowstone
-Moved for the 4th time during our marriage
-Served as librarians for our ward
-Served as teachers at church
-Taught 2 University courses
-Recieved a national award for research with a nice little $ perk included
-Started taking pictures as a hobby
-Took photography more seriously and photographed weddings and portraits
-Switched from Nikon to Canon
-Experienced another miscarriage (#3)
-Had a family reunion
-Found out we were expecting child #2 and that said child is a boy :)
-Rejoined the gym for another year
-Found out I can and did jog 5 miles in an hour at 23 weeks pregnant! :)
-Knitted and crocheted many things including barbie clothes, scarves, booties...
-Started an Etsy Shop
-Took Illustrator classes and started teaching myself Flash CS4
-Survived the "morning" sickness of pregnancy
-Watched Little become a little boy and develop an amazing vocabulary (including "Satin" as Santa ;)
-Heard and cherished the words "Wuvooo" from our Little
-Finished the Book of Mormon

Just a few of the things we have experienced this past year and in one day we can start our list again!

Happy New Year!

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