Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wait for it...Wait for it...

We are coming up on the most exciting day of this pregnancy, except the whole having the baby thing. Tomorrow we get to go and be over stressed by a mid-pregnancy ultrasound where they look for all the things that may possibly be wrong with your child in-utero and then at the the end they just happen to tell you the gender of the baby if they can find the correct parts among crossed legs and smushed face and lots of amniotic fluid. It is exciting and very stressful at the same time, I dare say that most pregnant women feel the stress of worrying whether their baby will be perfectly healthy or have some abnormality that they will deal with as a family or as parents. We pray that everything is right, and that is all we can do - and wait in excited and yet for me slightly panicked anticipation for the moment when we know that all is well with our growing baby.

Little is talking more and more every day! He now exclaims "Fix it!" or "I want more..." and his vocabulary is skyrocketing. Yes some of is very hard to understand, like last night when we were going through his bedtime routine and singing "I am a child of God" and afterwards he started saying something in a sing-song voice. It took Husband and I about 3 full minutes of laughing and trying to figure out what it was to realize he was singing "I am a child of God"! It was just in a very garbled 21 month old way. :)

It is awesome(and somewhat daunting) to think that in 20 more weeks we'll be parents times 2 and have another little person (boy or girl) to play with and chase around and learn from. I've been working on baby projects for different genders so that I'm prepared in some way for either one and have baby gifts for others in any case.

We will know more tomorrow, maybe....

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