Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Large arrangment by Sister, small basket arrangment in background by Me.

Every Memorial Day, my family heads south in a rather sizeable flock to show our respect and love for those that have gone before. We visit cemeteries spanning southern Utah and deliver flower arrangements that we congregate to make the evening before. These are not your run of the mill "mums in a basket" type of arrangments, they are well put together and artfully designed and executed by various talented family members. The culmination of the flowers is the arrangment for my grandparents grave site. My sister makes this arrangment and it is OUTSTANDING every year! I have so many childhood memories of this tradition, most having to do with rain on Memorial Day which seems to happen every year. We frantically run around staking down the arrangments so they don't blow over and it is hysterical EVERY year. We all gather after the cemetery train and have a family reunion/lunch together and then we disperse to our respective towns and homes. I look forward to this every year and miss it when I don't live near enough to attend. This year Little will be big enough to traipse through the grass and witness and experience some of the magic of being with so much family.

I'll post pictures (probably courtesy of The Husband) of the events when we get back. Have fun and remember those that have served our country and given their lives for our freedom and show those you love just how much you love them!

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