Saturday, February 21, 2009

You Quilt My Heart

I am attempting to make a quilt top as a "small" project. For some reason I always tackle things head on with a not so easy project when starting a new hobby. I tried to make a patchwork quilt when I was in highschool but in the end my mom took the work I had done and turned it into a beautiful wedding present for me and to this day it is one of my most favorite things ever! She even put pico's on the edge and they remind me of my favorite baby blanket of yore and therefore bring comfort and fond memories.

So I decided to make a quilt from fabric that I already had on hand and sorted through my stash. I ended up wanting to add a hot pink that I didn't have and so I spent 5$ on remnant fabric at Joann's and then cut out 4" squares of all the fabrics with my rotary cutter and mat.

I decided to make a pinwheel quilt and began a'sewin my squares and cutting them in half diagonally and then ironing the seams on the back and then sewing them together (4 squares to one pinwheel) and ironing 2 more times. So far I have all my pinwheels sewn together and ironed and cut back down to a regulation size - 6 inches. None of this would be doable without my olfa cutter and mat - it is a godsend that I recieved on my most recent birthday because my mom and my sisters know just how much I love to craft and sew and how much I was coveting one of these!

I am making progress on this lovely quilt o'mine and hope to show you results after I get some help from my mom laying out a good pattern of the different pinwheels. Let me tell you, this quilt is my outlet for all the crazy girliness inside of me that is stored away because I have a son that cannot wear pink with black and white polkadots, so I have thus channeled every inch of girl I possess in the adornment department and put together what I consider to be my most favorite self-made possible blanket EVER!(possible blanket because after finishing the quilt top, I still have to get backing and batting and then actually quilt it and add that forever-loved pico edge, before it is an actual blanket).

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