Thursday, January 8, 2009

Remembering 2008

I have been thinking about all the changes that happened in 2008 for me and Husband and Little. And while they may not seem momentous, they have changed our lives, for better or worse.

In {2008}

Husband and I moved into our apartment 30 minutes away from school and most family. (only downstairs from some family).

Husband and I made plenty of trips to the emergency room with false labor and those darn tricky braxton hicks contractions, among other pregnancy related lovlies like a shortening cervix, bleeding, very little fetal movement (lazy Little!) and a really bad case of heartburn that I thought was labor...

Husband and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary by going and getting an amnio and realizing that we would deliver our Little three years to the very day after we were married.

Husband and I welcomed Little into our lives with open arms.

I recovered from a c-section delivery and battled with my pregnancy pounds (lost 22 lbs of water weight in 2 weeks).

I rejoined Weight Watchers and took my family with me!

I started and FINISHED two classes at school and got good grades!

Husband started his 2nd year of Ph.D. education.

Husband submitted his first article for publication in a peer reviewed journal.

Husband started and stopped(due to school demands) an outside Therapy gig.

Little ate and slept and pooped and cried. Then he smiled, cooed, laughed, ate solids, got 4 teeth and began crawling and enjoying all the many adventures around him.

Little said his first word "Peh Pah" our little dogs name.... so much for Mama or Dadda.

I reached Lifetime status at WW and continued losing....

We made several life changing decisions, with the help of the divine...

Husband and I started reading scriptures to Little every night (sometimes only three or four verses, but we did it).

Husband and I eliminated violent and innapropriate media from our home to set an example for our children.

We suffered with those around us who suffered and grieved for their struggles and losses.

I watched my father struggle with a year long health battle requiring over 200 days in the hospital...and I watched him beat the D#%^ thing and I am grateful for his life!

I watched my mother change careers and succeed tremendously and flourish in her new environment.

I realized how very important life is to me, not just my own but all those I care for and love.

2008 was a year in the trenches for my entire family and we made it through on the other side stronger, with more intense and concrete testimonies of the gospel and conviction that cannot be removed from us.

I guess if I was looking for a year of positive changes made, I definately got what I was looking for and I am eternally grateful for all the blessings I have recieved! They have not come to us without trials to prove our determination and faith but we have recieved blessings and we are thankful for the entirety of our experiences.

Welcome to 2009...what are you going to bring us this year?

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