Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Turning the Table

This is my current table setting. I try and keep the table set to avoid the inevitable piles o' junk that start to form if it is left empty. I found the green and red placemats at TJMaxx and the cool bird/turkey(?) napkin rings/holders shown below at Pier 1 for 88 cents! The tag said they were $3 each so I picked up 8. When I got to the register and they were only 88 cents I had to go back and pillage the selection to get all 16 that I wanted, to which the Husband replied, "are we ever going to have that many people over for dinner?" My thought process was this...We might host a holiday party, you know since we are such social creatures... or I might have that many children (hahaha) but since that hilarious possibility is so far from right now, I just thought I'd get them so I have some neat birds to hold my napkins.

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