Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Think it's been long enough?! :: Free-holiday-tag-download

Life has been pretty crazy and I cannot seem to keep up with more than one blog at a time. But here I am trying again! And by more than one blog, I mean 3! I have not yet set up a roll out date of my newest blog baby - but it will be exciting and thoughtful. This BabyMama space is just for me - with no pressure and no deadlines and very few watching. More are welcome, but it is nice to have a space that I can relax and not worry about anything else. I will post about some of the things I am making as Christmas gifts, well after they've been received :) 

In the meantime we are all enjoying the craziness that life has brought us and that craziness entails living in a house without a kitchen (NO KITCHEN!) for a month! But we think the results will be worth the wait - I just hope it doesn't bring around any weight! 

DIY Print-at-home gift tag by Three Umbrellas

Happy Holidays to all of you and enjoy the image of the Christmas tag I made that will be a free download on my other blog! :)

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