Saturday, October 17, 2009

Well, was that a long enough break...

I couldn't bring myself to post until the world had heard the secret I was keeping. I felt like somehow I was lying by acting like I wasn't feeling like I would rather die than stand up due to nausea. But the secret is out and No. 2 is in the slow cooker. Little and I are on house arrest due to swine flu risk and can't even go around most family members, young ones especially, because symptoms are dormant for 3 days while you are contagious and no one would know they are picking up a horrendous virus. It is especially risky for Pregnant Women and children under 2 so alas, Little and I can't go anywhere except to visit Nana and Papa and everyone has to use hand sanitizer!

Still nausea is constant and exhaustion is overwhelming, but we take it a little at a time and so far we've gotten through. I am knitting again and working on the cutest pair of leg warmers you've ever seen! And if you have the chance to go to Heindselman's yarn store in Provo, run as fast and as far as you can because you will walk away with more beautiful yarn that you "just had to have" than you thought possible.

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