Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Moving and Losing... my mind!

We moved this last week and we are still in process of finishing up the declutter at the old place. It's a nightmare to have to drive 35 minutes just to clean up junk I don't think I need. But we are thoroughly enjoying our new living space. There are boxes dotting the hall way and our storage closets are full of still unpacked boxes. But we love the space and the fact that we are now closer to school and family. I took Little on a walk yesterday (2.3 miles) and it was a good little workout. It will be nicer to do that when its cooler outside but we made it to our destination and then quickly drank some water to cool off.

Little is enjoying our new backyard area and frequently likes to go out and play on the toys. Its a great outlet for him during the day. We just started taking him to nursery at church and he loves it! He really enjoys dancing and "jamming" during singing time, and cries when they put the toys away. He's so funny!

We lost the wheel to our crib so we are off to buy another one, crib that is. We've been borrowing the one we have and we know that the wheel is packed somewhere - so we figure we'll find the wheel as we unpack, but we have the opportunity to buy a crib and matching changing table courtesy of credit card points! Awesome. The Husband was hoping for a flat screen TV but can you really justify that when we watch less than 4 hours of TV a week? I think not, curse pragmatism.

The to do list to recover from moving is insane - so for the next week we'll be visiting Home Depot quite frequently. Maybe I'll see you there?

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