Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Reality Check

After last weeks fertility drama and finding out that there are just lots of hormones raging in my system that are causing most of my anxious feelings I have moved into a new phase of existence. I am trying to want only what god wants for me. The Husband and I have rebudgeted for the next year and found a new living space. We move in two weeks! We are now closer to all the places we need to be. And the blessings just keep pouring in, the Husband has found more opportunities to work in the fall making life much less stressful.

I just finished another Illustrator class from Alma and it was wonderful! It further convinced me that I want to really pursue my graphic design interests and I am working on a few projects to try and get my name out there. I love it, I just have to pace myself and not try and do everything at once... I'm just working consistently at trying to achieve the things I want. I'm attending a Kirtsy Hands On workshop tonight and looking forward to networking with some great women.

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