Monday, December 8, 2008

Turkey Day Recap

I remember in the not so distant past, telling you about my history making skills with spicy stuffing on Thanksgiving. This year my beautiful and talented mother stole the honors when she was lovingly spicing the stuffing and accidentally launched the entire bottle of pepper into the bowl! We then proceeded to sift the stuffing to get all the pepper out of it and only leave what remained stuck to the bread. It was an experience full of roaring laughter and lots of sneezes!

We hosted our Turkey Day event at a hotel that over half of our family has worked for in the past. We rented a conference room adjoining a suite and had a grand time playing games and being overly boisterous and excited on the whole. I love my loud, crazy, fun family!

After we helped clean up, it was on to some later-evening festivities at the Husbands family home. Every year that we are present they have thier own version of a Turkey Bowl. Since the Husband and family are not the most athletically inclined their Turkey Bowl involves setting up different plays on this electric football game that the Husband and I purchased for my Father-in-Law as a Christmas gift a few years ago. It is HILARIOUS to watch them get so excited!

After some pumpkin pie and not too many of my flex points (15 is not bad for such a gluttonous holiday) we headed home and got some rest before protesting Black Friday by not shopping AT ALL! Instead we spent the time with family decorating for the holidays and enjoying each others company.

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