Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rockabye Baby, sleep tight

This is the newest item I'd like to aquire for Little. Last year my Sister-in-Law gave Little (he was still in utero) the Rockabye Baby Led Zeppelin Album. The Husband and I fell asleep to this many a time, even before Little was born. Now Little loves music and sings along whenever the opportunity presents itself. Today in church and most days in the car he will sing along to the music playing. I love this concept and I look forward to expanding Little's musical repertoire with the likes of the Beatles, Smashing Pumpkins, and possible Nirvana (we'll have to see).

Little finally started sleeping unswaddled. While the Husband was away for work we started the somewhat torturous process of getting him to sleep without being wrapped like an 8 month old burrito. We have endured some night terror type waking but we are making progress and last night he slept 8 hours unswaddled in his crib!

What are other good baby toys or gifts? I'm starting Christmas shopping for Little and I have no idea what a 10 month old (that's what he'll be) would enjoy. Right now he enjoys anything crinkly that can fit even the slightest bit in his mouth. I don't think the toy guitar we were looking at would work well drenched in baby drool.

-Baby Mama

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