Friday, October 3, 2008

Dear Gym, I love you.

I joined a gym this past week. Yes I admit it. After producing offspring and joining the group of people who no longer pride themselves on showing off as much of their body in public as possible (I was never a huge fan) I rejoined a gym.

I missed my workouts and group classes and promptly upon returning to the gym fell right back in love! Let me just tell you that an hour long pilates class will literally kick your butt! I cannot walk today - but as my sister said: "It hurts so good!"

The best (haha) experience so far at the gym was when I locked my belongings in the locker room for class. Exciting right? No, the exciting part came when, after class was over, I entered the locker room to find my lock missing and a very girlishly cute note written and taped to the front. It read something like this:

Dear Locker User:
My clone and I were to impatient to wait for the belongings we so forgetfully left behind so we forced gym management to cut the lock on your locker after informing them that we are more important than a person's right to privacy. After retrieving our belongings from your locker we proceeded to leave a note on the door advertising to the entire gym that you were the moron who did not hear us paging you(you know you ARE supposed to hear over that speaker system that is blaring music in the group room to keep you from passing out as you torque your body in wierd ways at amazing intervals) and therefore we left your locker open and let everyone know about it. Hope all your money is still here when you get back!
Self Absorbed Girls
So really the gym manager made things right and gave me a new lock to take home. But the dismay that I felt when I found my things left open to the public - OVERWHELMING. I'll get over it, and I still love the gym. Maybe from now on I'll check to make sure the top shelf is free of hair barrettes before I lock it next time.
Now I've got to work on the guilt I feel when I leave Little for an hour to attend the gym.

Baby Mama....Worked Out!

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