Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Disney Store Hit a Home Run

In every baby outfit there seems to be something left to be desired. It could be that the arms are always too long. The neck is too wide and slides down your child’s shoulders or the feet at the bottom of sleepers never seem to stay on your wee-one's feet. Having a small 3 month old I notice these things whenever I put an outfit on Little. When I go to get him from his crib in the morning his sleep sacks seem to have sneeked down his shoulders. In my experience a 3 month old boy is not trying to be alluring in any way making the whole shoulder baring thing more of a concern about keeping him warm than keeping him modest.

Well during pregnancy, during a shopping trip to the mall, I could not resist buying a sleeper at the Disney store. It was little and cute and I did think ahead and buy it for when he was 3-6 months (Nesting, I tell you!). Well just last night at 3.5 months old we broke out the Disney Sleeper complete with Mickey and Pluto and a cute dog bone pattern. Well these days my glee is derived from simple things. When we (Hubby and I) proceeded to dress Little in his new sleeper I found that the feet of his sleeper had elastic around the back of the ankle - GENIUS!

I had been complaining just a few days ago about Little always looking like he had broken legs when we put him in sleepers, but now with the wonderfully fitted, snug footed sleeper from the Disney store we would not have to endure any more broken-leg-looking pajamas.

I told you I derive glee from very simple things!

-Baby Mama

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